• Image of Tottenham's Trojan Horse? A Tale of Stadium-led Regeneration in North London

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A community in Tottenham is at risk of having their homes and businesses demolished to clear the way for regeneration led by the new Tottenham Hotspur football stadium. "Tottenham's Trojan Horse?" shows the impact of the proposals on individuals and how they have joined with others to challenge Haringey council's plans.

Non-fiction fully illustrated book in comic format. Suitable for readers 14+. Based on a case study in Mark Panton's doctoral thesis.

56 page perfect-bound
A5 trim size
Full colour throughout
ISBN 9780955281310

Funded by the Birkbeck School of Business, Economics and Informatics, University of London (UK).


You two have come up with an innovative way to turn research for a dissertation which is often read by a few into a book that will reach many.
The issues the book has raised, of course, are not limited in this case or North London. Mega structures like sports stadiums and mega events like the Olympic Games and World Expo all have complicated impact on urban life. Grass roots movements, citizen participation in the decision-making process and resistance (think the right to the city), all very important indeed.
Qin Shao, author of ‘Shanghai Gone: Domicide and Defiance in a Chinese Megacity’
Professor, History Department, The College of New Jersey, USA. 21 February 2018 by email.

Have been looking through this book. Really accessible and easy to follow. Tells a very complicated story very clearly. A must read about how regeneration works these days.
Zena Brabazon, Haringey Councillor. 14 February, 2018 on Twitter @ZenaBrabazon.

This looks really great! @MarkLPanton has turned his PhD thesis on sports-led redevelopment in Tottenham into a graphic novel with @AJLillywhite
Joe Penny, PhD candidate at @UCL_BSP and Social Media Editor of @urbgeog. 15 February, 2018 on Twitter @Penny_Dropping

My copy of Tottenham's Trojan Horse has arrived. It chronicles the dispute over the regeneration project linked to the new #THFC stadium. It's as good as I hoped. Features Dave Morris, Claire Kober and various other key Haringey figures. Congrats to @AJLillywhite and @MarkLPanton
Andrew Smith, Reader at University of Westminster. 13 February, 2018 on Twitter @AndrewSmithWest

Tottenham's Trojan Horse - this brilliant important little book tells the story of Tottenham regeneration done @haringeycouncil style. Available from biggreenbookshop.com in Wood Green or online from tottenhamstrojanhorse.blogspot.co.uk @2billiongamble @MarkLPanton @AJLillywhite #HDV
Bob Hare, Liberal Democrat Councillor, Highgate. Twitter @Bob_Hare

For more information http://tottenhamstrojanhorse.blogspot.co.uk